Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Discovering Georgetown

Last Saturday I went with Chris to Georgetown as he had a Dentist appointment. I knew it had  quaint downtown with a few shops, and I certainly was not disappointed. I actually only made it down one side of the street, missing the butcher, creamery and famous cupcake shop; I guess there's always next time!

As I do in any new small town, I started taking pictures of the architecture and quaint shops. As I poked around in one, the following conversation occurred over text:

Chris: Are you taking pictures? The people in the waiting room are making fun of someone taking pictures on the street.
Me: I've never cared what others thought, and I don't intend to start now
Chris: I knew it was you:)

I found this great antiques shop on James St that was a treasure hunters paradise- one of those places where nothing has a price tag, and you have to move things around to get further into the shop. I ended up getting an old window frame that will be converted into a mirror/key holder, and old book, and an old Blue Ribbon Baking powder tin.

Do you spot anything interesting?


  1. That text kills me! So small town! :-)

  2. awesome jess. love the truthful text.


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