Friday, February 27, 2015

Six Months- aka Halfway There...or Two Steps Forward One Step Back

Here we are...the amazing six months, the time when everyone said everything would get easier, and better...well my friends- those people were wrong!!! Five months was definitely better than six months for us. C is in what I like to call a MEGA development phase of crawling and teething otherwise known as- Mommy doesn't need to sleep.  Sleep has taken a backseat and we're back to waking up every two hours at night...where did my newborn go...oh wait, she's right here!

Despite the above, it's not all downhill...we have seen some major development in the napping arena- we are now consistently using the crib and hoping Miss C gets the memo of staying in it longer than 30 minutes. The breaks however short they may be are refreshing, time to eat, have a shower or read an article...much appreciated!

She has started eating solid food now, and what an adventure. Have you ever had pureed turkey flung into your ear? If not- you should try it sometime.  Our little one prefers a daily avocado facial to the turkey fling. So far she likes everything we have served up, which is pretty exciting.

She likes:
- Banging her spoon on the highchair tray
- Her gold glitter sensory bottle- bling anyone?
- Being thrown in the air
- Sucking her thumb and holding a blanket
- Chewing on everything
-Playing peekaboo
- The cats- she has a special soft voice she uses to lure them in

She dislikes:
- Surprise noises
- Getting taken out of the bath
- Anyone other than mommy comforting her at night
- Being strapped in her carseat


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