Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY- Vintage Sack Pillows

This has been on my to-do list for almost one year! Since seeing a number of these all over etsy, I have wanted to create my own grain sack pillows for the spare bedroom. When I was at Christie last May (ps- if you don't know about Christie, you check it out here), I was lucky enough to pick up a few grain sacks to convert. As luck had it, I grabbed a Lantic Sugar sack that had Saint John NB on it, which of course was very exciting!

Quick tutorial:

1. Once you wash and dry the sack, frame up the image/text you want to show on your pillow

2. Cut the excess ends that you will not use (leaving about an 1/2 inch from your seams.

3. Flip your sack inside out

4. Iron your pillow

5. Sew one end (if not using the pre-sewn end)

6. Sew other end leaving an approximate 4" opening

7. Carefully turn your pillow right side out and fill with stuffing (I used stuffing from two old pillows, but you can buy cotton batting).

8. Sew the 4 inch gap.

Ta Da!!!

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