Saturday, January 24, 2015

5 Months is the new 4 Months

Alright folks, I hope I'm not jinxing myself here but the general population was correct- it does get better! While I've read most people turn a corner at four months- I feel like it took C and I a good 5 months. I find our nights are getting better thanks to her rolling over to her side and tummy, she's really starting to play and man does she ever want to crawl. I started rice cereal this month to avoid gagging her with iron drops and it has been very fun! I am very excited for solids!

She loves:
Daddy daughter dancing
Playing Boo
Getting cleaned up after eating
Twirling her hair
Her heavy sleep sack (Swaddle Designs zzzip me)
Her jumperoo
Holding the spoon when she eats

She Hates
Being left unattended (even safely)
Sleeping anywhere but on mommy during the day
Getting her diaper changed in public
Being awake in her car seat 

The five month photo shoot was so cute- I had to add a few more pics!

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