Friday, June 20, 2014

Breakfast in a Bite

Last weekend a few of my friends and I headed to the first annual Craft Beer and Food Trick Festival in our township. It was a great event. 

The drink of choice for the non-pregnant participants

My drink of choice

We tasted a lot of yummy food including fries and gravy, poutine, tacos, nachos, pizza, etc, but probably the best thing we tasted all day were deep friend cookies from the Wickedly Sinful food truck. We tried both flavours: red velvet deep fried oreos with cream cheese frosting and deep fried maple cookies with salted bacon topping. 

I thought for sure the Oreos would be by favourite since I don't really like maple cookies, but the maple cookie came out on top. It was amazing, and tasted exactly like breakfast in a bite. It was absolutely delicious. 

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