Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Retail Insparation

Sometimes when I am out and about, I see things in stores and think "I could do that". Here are a few of my latest inspiration pieces:

1. ABC Painting from Wal-Mart. I thought this would look really sweet in a nursery or kitchen. It would be easy to make with a piece of wood or canvas and a simple stencil kit

2. Kraft Paper Mural Ikea: This would be simple to recreate with a roll of Kraft paper and some craft paint to make a beautiful holiday mural.

3. Felt Bunting at West Elm. After crafting burlap bunting for my wedding, I thought this colourful felt bunting inspired from West Elm would be a cinch. All you would need is some spare felt and twine. I might try to recreate this one for my holiday decor this year!

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